A couple of weeks ago, I went to Oxford. It was here that I discovered the concept of the "High Street."

Basically, almost every town in England has this main road running through the center that's called the High Street. In all the places I've been so far, it seems to be a pedestrian-only street lined with shops on either side.

And what I find really weird is that no matter what time of day it is, or what day of the week it is, the High Street is always packed with people! I mean, it could be 2:00p on a Tuesday and there will be a million people out shopping. Where do they all come from? Aren't they supposed to be working? And I thought Tuesdays were reserved for senior citizen discounts?

Anyways, back to Oxford. It was a lovely day trip arranged by the Brunel International office. About a hundred students piled on to three buses and make the journey to this gorgeous city. Aside from the High Street Shopping, there was a great market, some old churches, and of course, the university. While we didn't go inside the university buildings, we did walk through some of the gardens and passed by the main hall that was used as the great hall in the Harry Potter movies! Yes, nerdy, I know. Gimmie a break here.

It was also in Oxford that I discovered that there are sunny days in England. In fact, contrary to popular belief, we've gotten a lot of sun here in merry ol' England. And when the sun is out, all of the stone buildings look absolutely gorgeous!

The trip overall was nice, and it was cool to see an area that wasn't the big metropolis that is Central. Sometimes walking around in the smaller towns is a lot quieter and less crowded, as long as you avoid the High Street.