My friend Moxey and I decided to spend a free afternoon at the Science Museum in Central today. At first, I thought it was kind of cheesy because the ground floor was basically a giant collection of antiques and I didn't quite understand what most of it had to do with science. But then we went up through the levels and that's where things got awesome.

Firstly, they had a hands-on area where you could see how different things worked. Basically a "Hey kids! This is science! Play with it!" kind of exhibit. And I loved it. But, being a designer, I like to see how things work. The coolest part was a station where you could pour water over a cold surface and watch it freeze through these magnifying lenses with filters on them. It was b.e.a.-utiful.

They also had an exhibition just about plastic, which I found quite enjoyable and Moxey kept laughing at me as I got excited when I knew what the different types of plastics and molding processes were. Like I said earlier: design nerd.

But the coolest (and I seriously me the coolest) exhibit was a special exhibition called "Listening Post". Basically, it's an installation of a bunch of small LED screens that are hung in a grid. And it's on a constant loop of display patterns. It was also called "The Sound of the Internet" within the museum because the screens pull fragments of conversation from the internet in real time. Sometimes it was just words, other times it was phrases. But it was simply amazing.

We ended up sitting in this room for at least half an hour just watching the screens. In fact, it killed most of the time we had left to go through the museum because shortly after we exited the room, they announced that the museum was closing and we had to leave.

I think I want to go back really soon to just watch the internet exhibit again. Seriously.