Oh, the life of a grad student.

One thing that's been really great about Brunel University is their activities they schedule for students. Especially postgraduate and international students.

Lucky for me, I fall into both categories, so I get double the school-sponsored fun!

You would think that the life of a graduate student is pretty dull. I've heard horror stories about late-night assignments and running around campus with no makeup on and wearing sweatpants (gasp!). But so far things seem to be pretty awesome for me. And I always go out fully dressed and made up - so maybe that's just American universities?

But in between my lectures, readings, and assignments, I've found plenty of activities around campus to keep me busy.

A couple of weeks ago, the graduate school hosted a wonderful cookout (or barbeque as they like to call it - but nothing like the delicious BBQ that Americans know and love) for all of the postgraduate students.

We all queued (oh man, check out my lingo!) for a long time, but only to be rewarded with a free burger and mocktail of our choice.

To keep us all entertained, the school hired a band, had giant versions of games for us to play, a big tent with decorations and a dance floor, and hookahs for all! I taught everyone there that you should never try to beat an American in Connect Four. I was the champion! haha

The afternoon was a lot of fun and went well into the evening, because the on-campus nightclub, The Academy, had a free post-grad student only club night following the cookout.

It was a fun afternoon and I got to hang out with my fellow postgraduate intellectuals and meet a bunch of awesome people. So now I recognize a few more faces around campus and I know a few more names. Perhaps I'll run into some of them at the Graduate School Coffee and Tea Tuesdays? After all, I'm sure all those late-night assignment writings will ensure that a lot of students arrive for free caffiene...

And yes, that is a bouncy castle in the bottom picture. And yes I jumped in it. I may be a grad student, but that doesn't mean I can't have fun!